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A protected environment...

Between Normandy and Picardy, the Pays de Bray is characterized by varied landscapes : small valleys, hills, landscapes of fields surrounded by hedges, forests, … that offer many possibilities of discoveries and jaunts. It is also the authenticity of a region which is appreciated through its rural products, its traditions, …

Discover or rediscover on foot, by bicycle or by car, amid the greenery, by ways and little roads, at a bend of the river Le Thérain, bellow Gerberoy, one of the most beautiful villages in France, St Germer de Fly and its abbey, Troissereux and its castle, Beauvais and its cathedral with the highest Gothic choir in the world and its astronomical clock, Rouen and the Great Clock Street and Paris at only one hour away in the car !!!

To relax and to have pleasure, the casino of Forges les Eaux, the inn "l'Auberge de la Poterie" in Savignies, the amusement park of Saint-Paul, …

Without a doubt, between walks, visits and the various other activities, you will have no time to get bored at the "Logis Bleu".




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